The EQ-platform is available between 40° and 60° (North or South) in steps of 5°. The maximum telescope weight that it can handle is 35 kg. The dimensions are 49 x 50 x 10 cm and platform weighs 2 kg.

Tracking time up to approximately 1 hour.

The motor drive runs on a replaceable 9V battery (included) which has a life time of about 30 hours.

An EQ-platform is easy to use. First align it on the north/or south celestial pole as good as possible. Then switch it on and find the correct speed to track your object. Finding the correct speed you only have to do once with a star at the opposite direction of the by you used celestial pole. For a better, or more accurate polar alignment use a star/drift method.



Please ask for an up to date stock.

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