The "Canopus" has a stronger focus on stability, strength and easy use. It's the perfect telescope for every individual who wants to have the most stable telescope Sumerian Optics offers.

The "Canopus" has a rockerbox which also serves as a rotating platform in the form of a large ring. This makes the "Canopus" a very stable and rigid Dobson with an amazing design. Despite the larger size, the weight remains low. If you compare the size of the "Canopus" with most other Dobsonian telecopes then you will see a difference.

Prices include Baader Steel Track dual speed focuser, metal Red Dot Finder and cooling fans for the primary mirror. Batteries are only included for the anti-dew heater secondary mirror.



Canopus 16 inch 
Type: DOBSON TRUSS, Optical design: Newtonian, Focal ratio: between f/3.5 and f/4.5, Mount type: Wood Dobsonian, Primary cell: 6 point aluminium, Focuser: Baader Steel Track, Finder: Metal Led Red Dot Finder, Truss tubes: Aluminium tubes with rubber cover, Totally assembled telescope weight: around 27 KG, Dimensions storage/transport 64x58x39 cm.

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