Welcome to Sumerian Optics. A company from the Netherlands that offers hand-made Dobsonian telescopes in different sizes with high quality care. Each telescope will receive full attention. Sumerian Optics offers two Dobsonian models, which are available in different sizes and are fully assembled and delivered in two colors; wood finish or black.

Telescopes in stock:

Not at the moment

Alkaid structure without optics possible. Contact Sumerian Optics for information and prices.

   Alkaid Travel Scope

               10", 12" & 16"

     Canopus 16 inch

             not available 


 from 60° to 40° North/South

All Dobsonian telecopes and the EQ-platform are made of birch plywood. This type of plywood is moisture resistant, has a great wood finish and a fine wood structure. Plywood is relatively hard so this means that damage is less likely to occur. The telescopes are assembled with a mirror cell, secondary mirror holder and spider, secondary mirror heater and are available in two different colors.