Product information 

The Dobsonian telescope is a type of telescope that is designed in such a way that it is suitable for a relatively large mirror in a cheaper, lighter and stable setup.

The design of Dobsonian telescopes has changed over the past years. A few years ago the Dobsonian Telescopes were lumpish tubes in a square box. Nowadays they are well designed with modern materials. There are also models specifically designed for easy travelling by air and/or car to places of rare beauty and with crisp, dark and clear night skies all over the world.

If you travel by air, the size of the disassembled travel Dobson meets the hand luggage restrictions. However, some airlines have a maximum weight of 5 kgs and others have 10 kgs. If your weight does not meet the airline restrictions it is also possible to transport your luggage via "special" luggage. But if you do this it's safer to remove the (heavy) primary mirror out of the mirror box. 

The Sumerian Optics telescopes reach the maximize stability from its design and chosen materials without creating a bulky Dobsonian. The Dobsonian "Alkaid" is slightly less stable than the "Canopus". Yet Sumerian Optics Dobsonian Travel Telecopes are pleasant telescopes that you can use at home, at your holiday location or any place in the world.

New telescope

The travel Dobsonian on the pictures is one of the latest designs. This telescope is completely designed for a 10" F-4 (36 mm thick) primary mirror, a MoonLite CR 2 focuser and heavy eyepieces (1,0-1,1 kgs) are possible to use too without having balance problems. But that's not all. The weight of the telescope box (including everything except the truss poles*) is only 8,7 kgs and fits in a regular backpack. Box dimensions are 35 x 29 x 10,5 cm. 

The combination weight/dimensions makes this telescope a great travel scope and no worries about hand luggage restrictions. 

Then the sad part of this telescope? It's not ready for production at the moment. It needs some improvements. But when it's ready for production it's the ultimate travel Dobsonian and one of the smallest/lightest commercial 10" Dobsonians. Available ?

* Airline companies see the truss poles as dangerous parts and won't accepted it as hand lugguge.